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Missions to Families is a non-profit ministry designed to educate parents how to raise their children with absolute moral values based on Biblical principles.  One of the major goals of Missions to Families is to get Biblically based elements into the hands of parents so that they may use this material to help them teach their children. Missions to Families strongly believes that parents need the Word of God in hand in order to be able to pass on Biblical principles to their children.

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Biographical Information

Florida Institute of Technology
1985 Batchelor of Science in Pre-Professional Biology and Chemistry

Houston Graduate School of Theology
1995 Master of Divinity in Family Ministry and Old Testament

Slidell Baptist Seminary
1999 Doctor of Theology

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Current Lectures

Strengthening Family Values Lecture
People say that the youth of today have no moral values and wonder what happened and how it happened. This lecture addresses the moral deficit of today's youth by teaching their parents how to instill absolute moral values in their children based on Biblical principles. This lecture informs parents of their Biblical duty to teach their children and gives the Biblical perspective on how to accomplish this task. Ideal as a weekend parenting seminar.
He Suffered and Died Lecture
Christians say that Christ suffered and died for our sins almost without thinking about what that really means. The crucifixion was performed by crude and savage men and this form of execution was one of the most brutal and grotesque forms of punishment at that time. This lecture is designed to help Christians understand the physical agony Christ willingly underwent to save us. This includes scientific descriptions of the physical suffering Christ went through on the cross with medical charts and data. Ideal for services during the Lenten Season. Lecture lasts approximately two (2) hours.
Christ in the Passover Seder Lecture
An unusual lecture in which the church prepares a Seder meal using recipes and instructions provided by Dr. and Mrs. Black and the symbolism of the meal is explained. This lecture and meal focuses on the symbolism of Christ and what He did for us. Great special fellowship dinner idea. Ideal for services during the Lenten Season. Lecture lasts approximately two (2) hours.
The First Christmas Lecture
An in-depth look at Luke's description of the first Christmas. This lecture uses Dr. Black's extensive knowledge of the Old Testament and Jewish customs and holidays to explain the events of the season. Ideal for services during the Advent Season. Lecture lasts approximately one (1) hour.

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Materials authored by Dr. Black:

All prices are in U.S. dollars

Strengthening Family Values Book
The ideas behind the Strengthening Family Values lectures. In book form approximately 90 pages. $15.00 + S&H and appropriate taxes where applicable.
The First Christmas Lecture on tape
Dr Black has taped from the transcript of "The First Christmas Lecture" so that it may be enjoyed with continuity intact. During his lectures, Dr. Black allows and encourages a question and answer format. $7.00 + S&H and appropriate taxes where applicable.

All the proceeds from the sale of bookstore items furthers the ministry of Missions to Families. This non-profit ministry was set up to sustain itself through the sale of Christian materials and lecture fees and several other ministries have arranged to support Missions to Families in this manner. To check out Dr. Black's recommendations of Christian materials by other authors please go to our bookstore page.

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Year 2002

Dr. Black is currently setting his schedule for 2002. Please contact him via the methods below to schedule a seminar or lecture.

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